Lianka Cairampoma

Doktorandin | Research group of R. Claßen-Bockhoff

Research project

Floral traits in bee and bird pollinated Salvia species from Peru


Pollination ecology, bee bird pollinators, floral traits, Salvia, pollinator shifts


Cairampoma, L. & C. Martel. 2012. Floral visitors in Salvia rhombifolia Ruiz & Pavon (Lamiaceae) in Lima, Peru: a bee-pollinated species. The Biologist 10(2): 97-103.

Cairampoma, L & C. Martel. 2012. Notas sobre los visitadores florales de Seemannia sylvatica (Kunth) Hanstein (Gesneriaceae). Rev. Per. de Biol. 19(1): 11-16.


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