Melissa Linn

Doktorandin | Research group R. Claßen-Bockhoff

Research project

Evolutionary significance of floral forces in Salvia - choice experiments with bees on artificial flowers


Salvia, force measurement of floral barriers and bees, plant-pollinator interaction, impact on foraging behaviour, choice experiments, competition experiments, behavioural experiments with Bombus terrestris and Apis mellifera, energy balancing of bees


Lutsch, M., & Koch, K. (2016). The probable function of abdominal contractions and liquid drops during the emergence of Zygoptera and Anisoptera (Odonata). International Journal of Odonatology, 19(4), 199-205.


Linn, M., & Grüter, C. (2017). The role of octopamine & dopamine signalling for social learning in honeybees. Central European Meeting of IUSSI (International Union for the Study of Social Insects) 2017 in Kloster Schöntal, organized by University of Würzburg.

Lutsch, M., & Koch, K. (2016). The emergence of Zygoptera versus Anisoptera. 35th Annual Conference of GdO (Gesellschaft deutschsprachiger Odonatologen), Mainz.


Lutsch, M., & Koch, K. (2016). Influence of air temperature on the emergence of Odonata. 35. GdO (Gesellschaft deutschsprachiger Odonatologen) Jahrestagung, Mainz.


Award for master's thesis (title: The role of octopamine & dopamine signalling for social learning in honeybees) by Gutenberg teacher college


2017: Dr. Marie-Friedericke Wagner-foundation

2015: Stipend "Protection of Species & Biotope" granted by "Ministerium für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung, Weinbau und Forsten" of the Rhineland-Palatinate


Operating collaborations: JGU Mainz with PD Dr. Eva Maria Griebeler, Dr. Christoph Grüter and PD Dr. Florian Menzel

Summer 2017: Queen Mary University (London) and Rothamsted Research (Hertfordshire) with Prof. Lars Chittka, Dr. James Makinson and Dr. Joseph Woodgate


Telephone: ++49-(0)6131-39 22877
E-Mail E-Mail: mlutsc01(at)