Dr. Eileen Dworaczek

Research project

On thyrses and thyrse-like units – ontogenetic investigations in cymosely branched inflorescences


Ontogeny, meristem, cyme, cymose, Inflorescence, thyrse, Floral Unit, Flowering Shoot System

Oral presentation | Poster

Wasner E., Claßen-Bockhoff R. 2010: „False resupination“ of flower-pairs – the example of Thalia geniculata L. (Marantaceae). Proceedings from the 19th International Symposium `Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology´, Wien: 125

Wasner E., Claßen-Bockhoff R. 2012: On thyrses and thyrse-like units. Proceedings from the 21st International Symposium `Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology´, Mainz: 158. Poster Award der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft.


E-mail: wasnere(at)uni-mainz.de