Dr. Somayeh Naghiloo

Research project

Development regulation of `cyme´ diversity in Zygophyllaceae


Ontogeny, inflorescence, Zygophyllaceae, meristems, cymes, developmental genetics

Publications (selection)

Naghiloo, S., Dadpour, M.R., Gohari, G.R., Endress, P.K. 2013. Comparative study of inflorescence development in Oleaceae. American Journal of Botany 100(4): 647–663.

Naghiloo, S., Dadpour, M.R., Movafeghi, A. 2012. Floral Ontogeny in Astragalus compactus (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae: Galegeae): Variable Occurrence of Bracteoles and Variable Orders of Sepal Initiation. Planta 235:793–805. http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Somayeh_Naghiloo


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